Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen frequently in urban areas all over California where the population is high and there are many drivers on the road. Those who decide to use a motorcycle are at greater risk of an accident. Unfortunately, the risk of a motorcycle collision is even higher today due to traffic congestion and the popularity of cell phones, iPads, and other electronics that leave drivers distracted behind the steering wheel. Although motorcyclists use safety equipment such as protective jackets and helmets, which can reduce the extent of injuries, they remain prone to serious bodily harm due to the size of the average motorcycle in comparison to the size of a car or a truck.

Common motorcyclist accidents arise when unwary drivers pull out of an alley, side street, or parking lot without noticing the victim, or merely swerve and make an unsafe lane change without paying attention to their surroundings. Although these accidents occur frequently, there are laws in place that safeguard the rights of motorcyclists, and the attorneys at Car Accident Hotline are ready to help victims achieve justice in recovering damages for their injuries. For example, California Vehicle Code 21804 mandates that all drivers entering a roadway yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. Similarly, California Vehicle Code 22107 forbids drivers from maneuvering between lanes until it is reasonably safe to do so with an appropriate signal on.

It is important that you retain an attorney who is familiar with the laws that matter in motorcycle accidents and who is going to fight hard on your behalf. It is common for insurance companies to deny liability in motorcycle-involved accidents, and thus, choosing a qualified lawyer is extremely important.

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